Rule Changes!!

Let me get the quick things out of the way first

So right now we have over 50 Players signed up! This is really great news and I am very thankful for the support I’ve gotten from various communities!

“Wait? How do you have 50 players signed up already when registration isnt open yet?”

The secret is the registration form actually accepts submissions as long as you have the link. So if you fill out the form right now the result gets logged for me to see.

All of that is related to what I’ll mention now regarding league placements.

League Placement Changes

Basically when I created this league I set my expectations quite low. I expected like 30 people at most to join. But thanks to everyone’s support it has become something much bigger than I ever imagined! I am very thankful for that and I hope to create something that can meet your expectations!

So let me talk about the OLD RULES for placing people in their leagues.

The leagues fill up on a first come, first serve basis. You play the gatekeeper, you get placed on a league based on your result. If the league fills up, I either expand it or drop you to a lower league.

There are a few problems with that.

First, we already have people registered while others are waiting until the proper registration date to sign up. Finding out a way to prioritize these people is hard. Second, what if people registered early but got their qualifier matches late? This means I need to hold out on placing the others who got their matches already until after this person finishes the qualifying match. This is hard to keep track of when we have a lot of players to process.

So I am implementing a new system to scale with the growth of the league and simplify the league placement process.

New Rules

First of all, THERE ARE NO CHANGES IN REGARDS TO THE GATEKEEPER MATCHES. If you want to be in the top leagues, and have the skill to do it, you play Blink (choose S/A in the form). Otherwise you play me (choose B/C in the form). The D League will also receive no changes and proceed as normal.

Where the change happens is when we do the league placement. Instead of placing you in a league during the registration period. We place you in your respective league AFTER the registration period is over. Basically everyone will be ranked according to their gatekeeper results and then they will be grouped up to their respective league.

For example, #1-6 goes to S League. #7-16 A League, #17-26 B League, etc… adding leagues until everyone has been placed in one.

I think this method works. It can scale, its results in leagues containing players of similar skill, and it solves the problem of dealing with people who registered before the actual start date.

Again, thanks everyone for their support! If you have any questions feel free to contact me on Twitter or in the HD Discord!

Edit: Just to clarify, August 17 is when you can submit the form AND start playing qualifier matches!